Natalia Wrobel

My paintings are portals into liminal realms beyond our physical world. I am interested in the stages of transformation from one state of being into another. The paintings celebrate the synergy of disparate elements, seeking harmony amidst chaos, and highlight the interconnectedness of micro and macro, density and spaciousness, physical and immaterial. I am inspired by mindfulness, neural networks, music, biomimicry, mathematical patterns in the natural world and the rhythms all around us. I hope to make paintings that seem alive — at one glance still, at another moving — with forms coming together and breaking apart at the same time. I intend to create a sacred space on canvas that encourages a deep sense of presence in the viewer.
“Her most powerful work instinctively explores the shifting line between order and chaos and the battle between darkness and light in the worlds she creates...and the world we live in.”- W.D. Richter