Paintings > 2019-2021

Wake I
Wake I
acrylic, charcoal, and sepia chalk pastel on canvas
72" x 60"

Wake I and Wake II are about finding peace and solace in movement, in transit. This idea of movement and stasis has been a theme of interest in my work for over a decade. The idea of creating an image that is at once coming together and breaking apart fascinates me, especially how it can convince your eye that a still image is actually moving. Well in fact, if you narrow in on the molecular level, it is moving, everything is moving, at 100km a second, vibrating. These painting tap into the foundational rhythm making up our physical reality. Wake I is inspired by the idea of a soul flying, passing on into the next phase of being, and Wake II is inspired by the idea of being born, what it might feel like to be born, of cells clicking together.

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