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There is a Universe Inside of You I
There is a Universe Inside of You I
oil paint on canvas
48" x 60"

This piece is about alchemy and the infinite universe inside each of us. It is a musing on my belief that we each contain a divine infinity within us. This piece is about transformation utilizing intuitive motion and energy to transform the yin and yang of life into the visual plane. The painting took on many forms during the process, starting with atmospheric base layers, to the creation of an all-over sacred scaffolding throughout the composition, to a gradual building up of patterning, akin to weaving a tapestry made of paint. I have worked with the idea of a sacred scaffolding for many years now, as a reflection of the interconnectedness I believe exists between everything and everyone. In this case, the scaffolding also represents an inner architecture with a multiplicity of overlapping spaces, portals, arches, ladders, and stairways. I wanted the piece to feel at once intricate and delicate, but also powerful, to conjure a fantasy, but also feel rooted. I wanted the painting to have a vivacious spirit. I often meditate or practice yoga in my studio in preparation for a painting session, which can last up to 10 hours.. The iconography of the forms were inspired in part by an image of an Indian tapestry from the 19th century on my studio wall, as well as memories of my recent travels around the world, in particular Asia and the Middle East. My movements were also inspired the high tempo energy of avante-garde electronic jazz and global electronic dance music I was listening to during the painting process. I painted quickly, in a flow state. Ultimately, painting for me is about deep feeling, and the feeling made visual. For this piece, it is also alchemy, taking heavier yang feelings and intentionally transforming them into a feeling of love."

Private Collection, US