Paintings > 2017- 'What's Inside is Outside' Series

What's Inside is Outside
What's Inside is Outside
oil paint on canvas
60 x 90 cm (23.6 x 35.4 in)


...what I mean is that there is a sensation that there is no ground in the piece, that the world is somehow flipped on itself (much like the turning of the canvas that I do while painting), or that the ground has fallen away (up? down?) into space. In these canvases, I am trying to create spaces where there is a semblance of something, a space, (a landscape?), something terrestrial and cosmic at the same time, with elements of thingness, but I aim to walk the delicate threshold where abstraction meets representation, so the viewer senses that there is something recognizable in front of them, beckoning them, but the elements don't crystallize quite yet. There isn't something concrete to grab on to fully (is it moving? is it smoke? is it an apparition? is it receding or just coming into being?), but there ARE pathways, and spaces to dive into and explore and feel. I want the eye and mind (and spirit?) to try and make sense of what's presented, but also for there to be a feeling of the pieces in the composition not quite making sense logically and optically, as if the spaces are inverted- the top is bottom, the back is front, the sides reversed, etc. The filaments and tendrils help achieve this, when I bring a line that starts in the front to loop behind a larger form that is in front the source of that line. if that makes sense? The idea of things coming together and breaking apart at the same time (a theme I have been working with for a while) is at the forefront of my mind, as well...