Natalia Wrobel Studio

Natalia Wróbel is a Polish-American artist living and working in Cambridge, MA. Her work examines coexistence of dualities and the endurance and adaptability of the human spirit. Deeply inspired by mindfulness and the gravity underlying simple, everyday moments, her paintings explore the liminal realm beyond our physical world, and the interconnectedness of people, nature, history and spirit.

Wróbel grew up between Poland and California. Her paintings are featured in numerous private and public, national and international collections and have been on view at notable Art Fairs including Art Basel: Miami, Art South Hampton, and Texas Contemporary. An avid traveler, she has painted around the world, including Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Italy, and Austria. She studied Studio Art at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, the Lorenzo de’Medici Institute in Italy, and the New York Studio School, where she was awarded the Mercedes Matter painting fellowship.