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Portal to Lhasa I
Portal to Lhasa I
oil paint on canvas
40" x 60"

Sold, Private Collection, US

The most valuable element of traveling is how it affects my art impulses, mental framework and color sense. In my Portal to Lhasa paintings, I am painting the essence of a particular place, Lhasa, Tibet, that left a deep impression on me during a recent visit in Summer 2016. The paintings in this series are a prayer to the people of Tibet. The marks are inspired by the architectural elements of the Potala palace, including the thousands of stairs, and the colorful prayer flags adorning every temple and mountain side. The rhythmic repetitions are inspired by the prostrating of Buddhist monks, and the circumambulation of the devout around sacred temples and lakes. I painted these pieces with a sense of urgency, using palette knife and brush, as well as applying paint straight from the tube.
Elements of the varied, vast landscape, including sheer rock faces, rugged mountain tops, wooly yaks, many-mile wide sacred lakes, meditation caves and cirrocumulus clouds from the 17,000 ft altitude also made their way peripherally into these works.