Paintings > 2016- 'Hidden Histories' Series

In my 'Hidden Histories' series, I work as an archeologist/painter, building up and excavating during the painting process. The paintings undergo significant transformation during the process that is evident in the energy of layered marks, that vibrate with intentional contrasting elements: softness and delineation, luminance and shadow, merging and extending. In these paintings, I strive to illuminate and honor neglected histories, interpreting the spirit of the histories on canvas. This ongoing project includes interviewing members of the Polish Underground Resistance from during WWII, a group that at once numbered 400,000. Now, only around 200 remain alive, including my grandfather. In these pieces, I am also drawing from physicist Nassim Haramein’s research on quantum physics and Planck theory, as a proposed proof of the interconnectedness of all things. Through this series, I am thinking about the fragility of life and the generosity of the spirit. These pieces are also inspired by natural earth elements, specifically roots, tree bark, and moss.

Zycie Jest Piekne (Life is Beautiful)
oil paint and crushed copper and aluminum on canvas
48" x 60"
The Abundance of Being
oil paint and crushed aluminum and copper on canvas
40" x 50"
The Sweetness of Life
oil paint, crushed copper and aluminum on canvas
35" x 45"
Counter Current
oil paint and metallic paint on canvas
24" x 32"