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Mines of Miracles
Mines of Miracles
ink, watercolor, and acrylic on paper

Private Collection, US

Life is comprised of beautiful moments,
hidden histories,
ours and others, strung together
billowing in the wind
like a glittering sail.
There is heartbreak too
and loss,
but true beauty lies in the mending,
in the tying by heavenly strings,
like a harp.
It lies in living beyond the fog,
amplifying life by making space,
in the marinating between layers,
in working for resolution,
seeking harmony among the chaos.
Painting is a traveling of the spirit.
Stretching just a little bit more.
Straight down and past the middle road,
(Zawsze do prszodu *Always forward),
To the Paradise Islands,
To be eclipsed by glory.

To find a portal to there
where angels dwell
with their filigree wings
stronger than steel.
They make up that sacred scaffolding,
that unbreakable lattice-work
that founds all experience
and makes it everlasting, ever present.

This intricate weaving of the divine underlayer-
I see it so clearly when I close my eyes
and open my heart,
when I ignite and catapult my soul onto canvas.
the opportunity stems from a single moment,
Like a pebble skipping on the water,
Like a flock in flight.